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Yoga Beyond the Mat

Yoga Mitra Mandal teaches a holistic integration of physical postures, breathing practices, and progressive meditation techniques. Our small all-volunteer community organization is based in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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Our Process

In Yoga Mitra Mandal sessions, we begin by integrating physical postures with breathing awareness and mental focus. This holistic approach helps prepare the body and mind for more subtle practices of meditation. This approach is more practical, and easy to follow for beginners as well as experienced students.

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Our Yoga in Practice

Yoga Mitra Mandal holds monthly meetings to develop and enhance our personal Yoga practice. This is guided by the expertise of our senior teachers who bring their knowledge and experience to the Indianapolis community 1-2 times every year.

 Reduce the Noise

Yoga Mitra Mandal welcomes students of all levels who are ready to integrate yoga into daily life to find solutions to modern struggles like stress and anxiety, emotional management, relationship improvement, and physical health.