Swami Mahesh - September 2018

Yoga for Joyful Living

In this 7-session series, Swami Mahesh took us on an enthralling journey of how we can improve health and well-being, and recover the joy which is our natural birthright. Starting from the basics of the yogic view of health and the dimensions of awareness, he gave us an authoritative primer on two major systems of yoga – Raja Yoga and Hatha Yoga. Also included was an unforgettable session of Nada Yoga (the Yoga of sound vibrations), in which we accompanied him in singing notes on the musical scale. Enlivened by a mix of yoga practice of physical postures, breathing and meditation techniques, the sessions were enthusiastically received. Many students with all levels of previous yoga experience now regularly attend our monthly meetings.

Swami Mahesh - October 2017

Yoga and EFT practices for Emotional Balance

We collaborated with the Inner Peace Yoga Center to present a 6-session seminar on EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Yoga practices for emotional management and healing, Pranic healing, and the deep healing from Nada Yoga (the Yoga of Sound vibrations).

Swami Atmarupa - May 2017

Yoga for Health and Well-Being

Focusing on the energy flows within the body-mind-spirit continuum, this 5-session seminar taught us how we can release and balance our own vitality. Included was the practice of Bandha’s – simple physical practices which redirect energy to spiritual channels. A highlight of the seminar was deeply relaxing, healing Prana Nidra Sessions.

Swami Mahesh - August 2016

Holistic Healing for Body and Mind

We learnt the Yogic practices for releasing energy which is locked in the tensions and stress of daily life. Combining theory and practice of Pranic healing (unlocking the life force which vitalizes every aspect of our being), Swami Mahesh helped us access our own potential for a healthier, more meaningful life.

Swami Mahesh - September 2014

Healing of the Mind, Body, and Spirit

In a powerful series, Swami Mahesh spoke about the yogic perspective in the science of healing. We learnt both the theoretical and practical aspects of techniques which can help us to promote emotional, mental and physical health. In his lucid teachings, Swamiji once again taught us the connection between body, breath, prana, mind and spirit. Chakra healing provides a methodology to explore different levels of consciousness; Pranic healing techniques help us experience the body-mind connection; Emotional healing helps restore balance of the emotions and restore psychological balance. Combining theory with practice, Swami Mahesh once again left us rejuvenated and energized.

Swami Mahesh - November 2012

Yoga Beyond the Mat

We continued our spiritual journey, going beyond the practices of Asana and Pranayama and into major philosophies which are the underpinning of all yoga practice. We learnt the key elements of Tantra, a gentle science of energy (much misunderstood in East and West). We also received a primer in the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, the great sage who codified yoga practices. Swami Mahesh provided more insight into emotional healing, the topic of last year's seminar. A combination of theory and practice, this was an enlightening weekend of learning how to develop our practice to reach deeper into mind and spirit.

Swami Mahesh - December 2011

Emotional Well Being, Part 2

We were fortunate to have a quick repeat visit by Swami Mahesh, to continue the work on managing our emotions, and to receive his spiritual insights in a yogic understanding of our emotions, and how we can understand them, manage them and put them to work to further our goals in life.

In five powerful sessions, we learnt, in his own words, to "connect with some of the wonderful yoga practices that can help us to deal with our emotions in a positive way and see the Light which actually pervades that energy." Combining meditation, mantra and kirtan with practical ideas, it was a seminar which provided many new perspectives and ideas to help manage this often turbulent and troublesome part of our lives.

Swami Mahesh - September 2011

Emotional Well Being

In a magical weekend which we will all remember for a long time, Swami Mahesh introduced the topic of emotional well-being and the management of emotions. Despite our best intentions, emotions do take over sometimes, and lead us into actions and speech which, on reflection, are inappropriate or damaging. Swamiji provided a full yogic perspective on this challenging topic. Going from an exploration of the “home” of the emotional energy, we experienced the yogic practices, as well as ideas from other spiritual traditions which can assist us in this journey. We practiced together, chanted together, sang together, interacted with Swamiji and each other and created strong vibrations which many of us feel long after the event was over. We left with a strong sense of community, and a sense of peace, joyousness and calm.

Swami Mahesh - September 2010

Deepening Yoga Practice

In a two-session event, Swami Mahesh taught the techniques of deepening yoga practice by integrating asana with mudra and bandha practices, moving systematically from the gross to subtle layers of being. We practiced the advanced technique of Hamsa Dhyana to energize all dimensions, and for better body/mind coordination and improved mental clarity and focus.

Swami Mahesh - April 2010

Energizing Body, Mind and Spirit

Led by Swami Mahesh with a focus on Prana Vidya, the science of Energy, we made a systematic journey starting with the five levels of energy manifestation, through identifying chakra points and culminating in advanced meditation practices of Prana Nidra and Chakra Dharana. We experienced an amazing blend of theory and practical yoga techniques.

Swamiji - 2009

Bringing Yoga Home

In this two part series, Swamiji taught us the practical aspects of building a regular practice, along with its sound theoretical foundations. We learnt how to manage stress and how to bring yoga into daily life. Swamiji introduced the basics of Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara and Dharana in theory and practice. Also included was a demonstration of Surya Namaskara (Sun salutation).

Swami Dr. Dharmakeerti - 2009

In Search of Illumination

In a spellbinding seminar series, Swami Dharmakeerthi expounded on the forces which propel and aid in the spiritual journey. Delving into Indian mythology with its rich tapestry of symbolic stories and characters, she opened our minds to the intricacies of the spiritual path, and the techniques by which we can remain true to the goal of spiritual enlightment.

Swami Maheshananda - 2008

Yogic Wisdom of the Ages

In this seminar series, Swami Maheshananda spoke about his experiences leading a group of mountaineers in the Himalayan mountains of India. He then gave us an introduction to Tantra, an ancient science dealing with many practical systems for speeding human evolution. He also gave us insight on the practice of Dharana and Pratyahara (two stages in the meditative process), and the theory and practice of Kundalini Yoga.

Swami Dr. Dharmakeerti - 2008

Devi Mahatmyam

Swami Dharmakeerti led us on a fascinating journey deep into the “Devi Mahatmyam,” the primary text which describes in stories and rhythmic poerty, the manifestations of primordial energy. It is at once a spell binding tale of the varied forms of feminine energy (Devi, or Being of Light) and a symbolic description of conquest of our own internal enemies, the obstacles to our spiritual development.

Swami Dr. Shankardev - 2007

Kundalini Yoga-Tantra - Forging a Relationship with the forces of Light

In this workshop, Swami Shankardev elaborated on the theory and practical understanding of the following techniques 1) Kundalini shakti 2) Chakra system 3) Sankalpa (intention) 4) Mantra 5) Sadhana 6) Symbol 7) Breath and Prana 8) Internal luminous forces 9)Teacher and Student Relationship. The event culminated with a Havan (Fire ceremony) and the screening of his film "The Heart of Yoga."

Sanyasi Mantra Raj - 2007

Mantra Yoga

Sanyasi Mantra Raj taught several sessions on Mantra Yoga; captivating his students with the powerful vibrations of timeless chants of the Gayatri and other mantra. He also led sessions of meditation techniques and Ajapa Japa. He was eagerly invited as a guest speaker at the Teacher Training program at All People Yoga Center. He taught select students the second stage of the advanced techniques of Kriya yoga.

Mantra Raj also introduced advanced students to the sublime poetry and extraordinary vibrations of Durga Shaptasati. Written by the ancient sage Markandeya, it is an invocation of primordial cosmic energy which is said to provide divine protection and support for spiritual aspirants. It belongs to the Bhakti Yoga tradition which bypasses the busy mind and reaches the subtlest dimensions of the human personality.

Sanyasi Mantra Raj - 2005

Kriya Yoga Series

In addition to leading Teacher Training sessions at the All People Yoga Center in Indianapolis, Mantra Raj initiated several long time yoga students into Kriya Yoga, a series of advanced yoga practices which open the doors to spiritual awakening.

Swami Dr. Dharmakeerti - 2005

The Ramayana and Rama Yantra

In this workshop, Swami Dharmakeerti elaborated on the story of the Ramayana epic, revealing the esoteric, yogic and spiritual dimensions of its symbols. The seminar ended with the creation of a Yantra and with Swami Dharmakirti guiding participants with a meditation to explore one’s inner Self and discover the relevance of this universal epic. It was a fascinating combination of philosophy and practical methodologies to bring it into our spiritual lives.

Swami Dr. Shankardev - 2004

Prana, Pranayama and Meditation

Dr Swami Shankardev’s visit drew together a group of committed practitioners who enriched the study sessions with their attentiveness, enthusiasm and receptivity. Shankardev introduced several subtle Kriyas (internal actions) to develop the awareness of the flow of Prana in the mind-body system. These Kriyas also increase the practitioner's ability to generate, conserve and utilize the vital life force (prana) in an effective manner. He also held Satsang (group discussion), performed a Havan (fire ceremony), and led a Kirtan (music session).

Swami Dr. Shankardev - 2003

Guru Shishya Tradition and the Significance of Lineage

Shankardev spelt out the role of Guru in Yoga and the significance of lineage. Shankardev elaborated on his personal journey with Yoga and provided glimpses of his relationship with his Guru. He ended the workshop by sharing some images from visits to the Satyananda Ashram in Munger and Rikhia in India.

Swami Dr. Dharmakeerti - 2003

Patanjali Yoga Sutras

Patanjali was an Indian sage who authored the “Yoga Sutras,” the foundational text of the 8-step tradition of Yoga. Over a space of 5 days, Dharmakeerti provided an overview of the 196 Yoga Sutras. She used the text to illustrate the ethical basis of yoga, provided insights into the ultimate aim of yoga, and a systematic methodology to take practitioners from the material to the most subtle layers of our being. The seminar was well attended by beginners and Yoga teachers of many traditions all over Indianapolis.

Swami Dr. Shankardev - 2002

Yoga Psychology and Philosophy

In this workshop, Shankardev introduced some of the key ideas that form the basis of Yoga psychology viz. the five koshas, prana and the 24 elements of the mind. It was an enlightening and inspiring experience for the large group of students of many levels of experience in yoga.

Swami Dr. Dharmakeerti - 2002

Chakras, Mandalas and Yantras

Swami Dharmakeerti elaborated on the seven chakras, their images and geometric shapes. We received an authoritative lesson about the power and potential of these dormant forces which reside within our bodies. The fascinating session was interspersed with numerous practices, and with short stories from the Eastern Enlightenment tradition.