"Yoga Mitra Mandal has blessed our central Indiana yoga community for many years, teaching authentic yoga practices and hosting accomplished yoga masters. I've found all the programs to be accessible to new yogis and helpful for long-time practitioners as well. Years ago, YogaMM hosted Swami Shankardev, an Australian M.D. and yoga master.  Compassionately sharing his deep understanding of yoga and with his refreshing wit, he set us on fire - introducing us to whole new paths within the huge science of yoga.”

- Nancy Schalk Connor, C-IAYT, E-RYT 500, BA.  Director "YES to Vets" (Yoga Education and Service to Veterans)

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“Knowing this group of lovely yogis is a true pleasure.  Getting together to share our practice and love for yoga is just part of the joy.  The energy of the group is a heart-warming experience every time I’m able to attend. The monthly gatherings and the special workshops are both educational and fun...a sangha (community) in every sense.”

- Marsha Pappas, Yoga Teacher Trainer; Yoga Teacher - Integral Yoga and Somatics Coach

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“Yoga MM has given me an excellent foundation in Yoga during the September ’18 workshop. Swami Mahesh taught us the fundamentals of Yoga, and how we can improve our lives. In the monthly meetings the YogaMM team takes it “Beyond the Mat” into our daily lives. The teacher addresses the needs of students of all levels. Our questions are answered comprehensively, and we leave with a practice schedule. This has not happened in my previous Yoga classes I’ve taken elsewhere. During an especially stressful year, Yoga helped me deal with it in the best way possible. My breathing and my physical posture improved. My stress levels became manageable. YogaMM has inspired me, and I am hooked!”

- Hadeel Ayoub, Lecturer, Dental Health, Saudi Arabia

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“I love going to Yoga MM for a different way to look at Yoga. The explanations in class make it all come together for me as to why we do Yoga at all. It is a slower pace with a focus on safety and mindfulness. If you have not experienced it yet... I would encourage you to attend a few sessions and find the balance for yourself. I truly do find 'Yog' (harmony) there.”

- Gita Kapur, Broker Associate, Berkshire Hathaway Indiana Realty

Swami Mahesh's workshop first brought me to YogaMM. I was very interested in learning and experiencing more traditional yoga practice. He is an amazing guru who brings inspiration, joy and a feeling of acceptance to all. He did a great job setting the foundation to understanding traditional practice that we have now been building on since he left Alka has done a wonderful job building on the knowledge Swami Mahesh introduced us to. The monthly meetings have a feeling of community. I enjoy the camaraderie and acceptance of all the diverse group members. There is a sense of spirituality and grace within the group. Respecting one’s own body and allowing it to guide your practice is strongly emphasized. It is an environment of learning. Alka first teaches us about the practice then guiding us through the poses etc. This allows me to experience the practices more fully.

 I have been practicing Yoga for over 20 years. However I have always been a part of more of a westernized form of yoga. Traditional yoga has so much more to offer then just Asana's or poses. 

 I feel very blessed to be a part of such an amazing group of people. I always feel inspired and at peace when leaving our monthly classes.  

 - Jennie Schornack, Pediatric Dietician

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Great practice, good explanations. Very relaxing and improvement with flexibility!

- Jennifer Leming, R.N

Great pace. Repeated practice helps to truly appreciate its benefits. The friendly group amplifies the experience of yoga. Thank you!

- Maura Fitzgerald, Managed Care, Senior Contact Associate

I so enjoy the community Yoga MM brings to the practice of yoga. I always feel calm and relaxed after our sessions.

- Jennifer Schornack, Pediatric Dietician

I like the pace of instruction. You balance movement, breathing and meditation.

- Howard Friedman, Physician

I really enjoyed learning more about the Sun Salutation (a flowing series of postures). It’s always been on of my favorites, but you shed new perspective on the practice

- Elizabeth Goff, Medicare Advantage Projects Manager