Who is Yoga Mitra Mandal?

We are a small all-volunteer community organization, also called Yoga MM, based in Indianapolis, Indiana.

We welcome students of all levels who are interested in learning about yoga "Beyond the Mat”. We integrate yoga techniques into our daily lives to find solutions for many of the issues we face in the modern world, such as:

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Our Mission is:

To organize seminars with outstanding, experienced teachers.

To continue to integrate their teachings in our daily lives by holding regular monthly meetings.

To welcome new students interested in holistic methods of Yoga practice.

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Our Approach

Our approach in Yoga Mitra Mandal is to present Yoga as a set of "do-able" practices, while maintaining a connection to the deep traditions and philosophies which underlie the techniques. We incorporate asana, pranayama and meditation in every session, along with body, breath and mind awareness. We offer integrated and holistic routines which are easy to follow. 

We also include the concepts of many Yoga philosophies: Raja, Hatha, Karma, Bhakti and Mantra Yoga.  The goal is to present often difficult material in a gradual and understandable way.  Every session has plenty for the beginner and long-time student alike.

Yoga Mitra Mandal in Practice

Yoga MM is enhanced by the relationship we have with knowledgeable and experienced teachers who visit 1-2 times a year to illuminate our understanding and practice with the teachings of classical yoga. We hold monthly meetings to consolidate their teachings and develop a regular personal practice.  This includes a holistic integration of physical postures, breathing practices, and progressive meditation techniques in every session.

 We invite you to share yoga’s unique depth and beauty. Discover your own potential for achieving personal growth while bringing harmony and peace within.